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Circa Nocturna, 12th March 2011

Hey Everyone!

So sorry ive been soo slack with keeping this blog updated with all the goss!

So just thought I'd get you all up to date with our latest range we released for Circa Nocturna.

We were very lucky to be involved in this years Circa Nocturna, they announced in the weeks leading up that it was to be their very last show. Victims of their own success, you can check out why here

The influences behind this collection was mainly inspired by the song 'Illusion' by VNV Nation
If you haven't heard it go look it up on YouTube now! Its such a beautiful song!

I also used Manson's film clip Tourniquet

Copius amounts of Dubstep including the main offenders: Innocence by Nero and Woo Boost by Rusko.

SO the actual designing was the easy part! how i was going to execute was a different story, and Krystal (Our rediculously talented patternmaker of DOOM) was not happy.

Money was a bit tight and i somehow managed to design stuff that was gonna cost a motza, so i ended up living on 2 minute noodles and still needing to borrow money from mum which ill be paying back for a while!

I drove down to melbourne with my boy Joggles, which was probably the most boring drive ever! 10 hours in a straight line! but the outfits were way to bulky to fly with. I spent most of the trip hand sewing, and trying to find a replacement model in time for full dress rehearsal on the 6th, as one of the girls i booked had to drop out due to a family emergency. Luckily our friends Tegan and Pixie who we know from our home town, live in melbourne also and came to our rescue!

The night before the show we had a photo shoot in our hotel room with some of the models and Sean Higgins from SHotography which you can check out his work here http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/SHotographyook.com/home.php#!/SHotography

and the shots from the shoot here> http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/album.php?id=307854995280&aid=347019

So on the day of the show, we were upstairs in this little room with the ladies of Elysium Couture! It was very hot up there and the stairs ended up breaking!

We had the very talented Cherry Sutherland on hair for the show, and she was great entertainment also!

And Corynne Smoothy-Houston who flew all the way down from sydney, behind the make up brush working the glitter and diamontes!

So here are some piccies of the models and their outfits/hair/mekkups!

Here is miss Paige, first model to hit the catwalk, in Showgirl inspired outfit, which apart from the bodice base, was entirely hand draped

The gorgeous Elysian Rose!

Model Laura Alexandrine wears lux FAKE fur coat, fully lined with black satin and high waisted Knickers! inspired by rockstars!

Surgical Steel in the male Fur coat/ rockstar gettup!

Rahlee our sydney model, flew down for the show! This is the extreme version of the virus dress, which is based of a jacket design Joggles did.

Sven looking schmick as!

Samii La Morte wearing our Space Age body suit, check out that tooshie!

Len wearing our Space Age pants and matching jacket

Natasha in my favorite dress =D it was really hard to walk in, and on the catwalk you couldnt even tell!

And the finale peice! consistion of 4 layers, 40 mtrs of tulle and over 25 hours to put together!

Joggles gathered all the tulle while i sewed it on so we could get it done in time!


And that sums it up for this post! If your interested in any of the circa garments, or have any custom design enquiries just sling me an email at tentaclethreads@gmail.com

Thanks for your time to check it all out!

I appreciate all your support!

xx Anneliese

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